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<U/O> Matrix - Establishing Predictive ValueApplied Indexation, Hierarchical Data Sets and Competitive Market Information is developed with the intent to improve peer group analytics and valuation.


Applied indexation methodology introduces the concept of business segment operations as a means to highlight the modularity of corporate profiles, producing deeper comparables by breaking down a company’s revenue line then linking resultant business segment operations across asset classes and capitalization within the designated composite portfolio.


The premise is to complement existing institutional portfolio strategies and lend Tier 2 Alpha and Alpha-Beta screening tools to effort outperformance in both up and down markets.


A goal of the applied indexation abstraction below is to demonstrate the many persistent Venn-like qualities present throughout the capital markets which may be exploited for profitable portfolio positioning at distinct points of inflection.


While capital market inefficiencies is not a new concept, perhaps the attributes of applied indexation may be another useful tool for research teams and client driven solutions.


Please message direct with any questions or for product development considerations.

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