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Licenses are non-transferable, are solely intended for use by the end-user, are not for distribution or sale to third parties and may not be assigned to any party without written consent by Universal Orbit © 2022 and David B. Kleinberg.


Terms as stated and set forth include a quarterly product fee and capitation rate plus a 0.10% residual fee applied on total associated assets under management, remitted quarterly, and is exclusive of any initial phased period product development costs.


Termination of this agreement may be granted with 90 days written notice though the residual quarterly remittance of 0.10% and distribution volume capitations as outlined above will accrue in perpetuity based on 1) current and realized assets under management, 2) existing and scaled distribution volumes plus 3) related product applications.

In conjunction with stated Disclaimer the Licensee shall hold harmless Universal Orbit © 2022 and David B. Kleinberg from any direct, indirect, special, incidental, unforeseen or consequential damages including any financial losses arising from the use of software products contained herein and/or related product applications.


<U/O> Matrix, PM composites, Applied Indexation methodology and <U/O> Matrix segment/classification nomenclature assignments incorporated herein are intellectual properties of Universal Orbit © 2022 and David B. Kleinberg. All rights reserved.

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